Yes, You Can Retire in 2 Years!

If you are like me and you are interested in personal finance, then you probably have at some point encountered the Financial Independence/Early Retirement community. Maybe you stumbled across Early Retirement Extreme, maybe Mr Money Mustache, maybe even Our Next Life. Maybe, just have dreamed about doing this. Although it seems difficult, you imagine... Continue Reading →

Existential Work and the Quest for Meaning

During each semester, I often ask my students what is the most important thing about life? This discussion usually happens during a Meaning of Life discussion/dialectic within our classroom and the students usually come up with all sorts of answers. We may have even just finished discussing Susan Wolf's article about the meaning of life.... Continue Reading →

What is Philosophy?

Imagine teaching a subject that is very hard to describe. So hard, that almost every student that enrolls in the subject has no idea what it is.     So, Forester... What is Philosophy?     I don't get this question often in everyday conversation, but I suspect it is for quite a different reason.... Continue Reading →

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